As promised

It’s yarn!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I did some spinning, still working on the merino/silk blend. With two full bobbins I began plying after dinner, and before I went to bed I had nearly 370 yards of two ply yarn……………that I like!

Having learned my lesson from over the weekend (washing fleece—bad, ugly—we won’t go there), I got out my trusty spinning book and read the directions first. I know, I know, it’s much more exciting to just wing it, but given that I actually have plans for this first significant amount of handspun, I figured I’d play it safe.

I put each hank of yarn gently into a nice warm bath, resisting the urge to toss them all in together, for two reasons: 1. I wanted to keep track of which hank had what yardage, and 2. Who knows how friendly the skeins might get with each other—untangling handspun didn’t sound like something I wanted to do.

After a rinse, I rolled the yarn in a clean towel, tied each skein, in turn, to my clothesline. To add a little tension, I ‘jury-rigged’ a rust proof hanger and coffee mug to the bottom. I’m actually thinking that I may have discovered a use for carabeeners (besides the one they are created for). One at the top to secure the yarn to the clothesline and one at the bottom to add the weight. Definitely an idea worth pursuing, huh? I followed the advice in the book, and hung them in the shade, and here they are….all in a row.

While I was out back, I also discovered this:

Nope. No idea of it’s genus or species. Let’s call it bargainis rosasias, planted round about the time we put up the fence. It is a climbing type rose, that needs some, shall we say, direction. Anyway, I thought I’d spread the joy. I’m always a bit amazed when something grows well in my yard, especially in Colorado. We have such a short growing season and the climate is so dry, I get a huge kick out of any small success.

I’m about half way down the foot of my Trekking sock, and already thinking that if I’m going to draw this out over three months, well, I’m going to have to do another pair. Purple for July, ya think?

Off to check my yarn…..


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  1. Congrats on having a useful amount of yarn you like!! 🙂 The coffee cup/carbiner idea is very clever indeed.

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