I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend. Things were busy here at Black Sheep Central; I’ve got loads of pictures and stories and knitting news, and…..and…..well let’s start here:

Saturday, KWA held a puppy party—knit meet with our doggies. At one point we had nearly a dozen dogs running around MJ’s back yard. For the most part everyone played nice. Anti brought doggie jello shooters (too funny), there were tons of goodies for the human people, and a good time was had by all. Some of us got knitting done–I managed to finish up the moebius basket, and get the buttons on the cardi. Others were, um….


Sunday, after church, Brad and I took in Territory Days; the annual street festival in Old Colorado City. Live music, ‘fair’ food and several blocks of vendors filled the historic district. It always amazes me what people are selling, and folks are lining up to buy. My favorite for this year was a fella selling doggie hats. Yep. Hats. For. Dogs. Here is a picture of his top salesman.

Monday, the Knitter’s With Altitude scheduled a bonus meet, and I ambled in about 10 a.m. to knitting in progress. Christy was fresh back from the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival, and brought goodies—cinnamon brown Alpaca, that she shared with me! She also bought a loom, and had brought her first attempt at weaving to show off. All this talk of fiber and yarn and everything that goes along with it has made us all very anxious for the Estes Park Market. I think it’s fair to say that the more excited I get, the more worried my poor hubby gets. (I am going to have to come up with a better wool containment system, that’s all there is to it). MJ had her latest pair of socks done….

……I believe this is some of the yarn she dyed at KWA Dye Day a few weeks ago. Pretty, no?

The weekend was not ALL sunshine on roses. Saturday night I cast on my sock for the Trek-along…..at least three times. I finally gave up and just focused on the movie I was watching (Munich…which was very good). Sunday afternoon I cast on again, in good light in the quiet, and what I discovered was that I hadn’t been making the same mistake over and over the night before, but actually because of the number of stitches on my needles, the pattern worked out in a way different than what I was expecting. I got through the ribbing and into the pattern a few rows before I set it aside for the day. Monday, I took it with me to knit with the ‘girls’ and was thrilled to see the pattern developing. After a bit, I didn’t have to count so much, as I could “read” the knitting, and things were going along swimmingly until I realized that I had WAY too many stitches on one of the needles. For the next two hours I frogged and tinked, the “mother of all swear words” dancing in my head (you know the one) and now instead of about 4 inches of leg, I have this:

…..and this:

Details: Trekking XXL, color 104. The pattern is the infamous Jaywalker (figured it was about time).

Now I’m off to hang out the wash (yay), figure out how to save my favorite black linen pants that I dripped bleach on this morning, and get ready to host a cat—-indefinitely.

Should be interesting.



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4 responses to “Tuesday…already??

  1. Cute doggie. I wish that I knew how to knit. I think I’m going to find a class.

  2. It can be so upsetting when socks don’t behave! At least the pretty red cardi is finished (very nice pose;-)! and you had a grand time with knit pals. How did the weekend go by so quickly!?

  3. What a fabulous weekend you had! I hope you show that sock who’s boss. šŸ™‚

    Cat hosting? And did you manage to save your pants?

  4. Occupied was a good choice….no knitting done by me, but I had a blast anyway. And bonus knitting, what a great concept, eh?

    Too bad about the sock. You know scofflaws like jaywalkers never behave. It ain’t easy to “read” such a creature

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