Moebius…take 5?

Yesterday afternoon I met up with a couple of the girls from KWA (Knitters with Altitude) with the intended purpose being to get the moebius thing figured out. If you were here earlier in the week, you’ll remember this:

….the basket with the design feature. Still don’t know how it got there. Anyway, the decision was made to frog it and start over, for a couple reasons: 1. I was afraid that the double twisting handle would felt to itself in the washer and 2: Since this little basket is suppose to be a practice run for a larger trifold bowl thingy, I really thought it was a good idea to get it right. So, the basket was frogged and I cast on again. And again. And again.

I actually lost count of how many times I started over, but at least twice I got through the entire cast on (a trick in itself) and began knitting the moebius to find that half way round all my stitches were crossed. Finally, Christy reminded me I was suppose to be knitting in the front and the back of the stitches alternately……oh yeah. Crap.

After three hours, we now have this:

….a basket handle with 1 twist, and the infant beginning of a basket. True to form, I somehow have more stitches than I’m suppose to, and I’m really hoping that it won’t be completely wonky, but at this point I’m banking on the felting process covering for me.

We have buttons. Not on the sweater just yet (I did mention the moebius thing, right?), but purchased, complete with backing buttons and thread. While I was buying buttons, I picked up an issue of Spin-Off, my thought being that it never hurts to know a little more about what you’re trying to do. I think Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying “we don’t know what we don’t know…” or something along those lines, and as far as spinning is concerned, I know that I don’t know more than I know, which isn’t much. I was reading on Juno’s blog the other day about her new wheel, about choosing it, and so on and she mentioned someone asking her what ratio she preferred. Ratio?? thinks I. What did he mean? I have a choice???

Sad, but true.

So armed with a new magazine and the books that are coming from (gotta love Amazon), maybe I’ll get a better handle on the spinning thing. I’m also hoping to figure out what to do I I happen to buy a fleece (what—you knew that was bound to happen) at Estes. I am really and truly not interested in the processing aspect, and need to find an economical fleece to roving guy. Spin-Off seems to list several, so in the next three weeks I’m going to try to get a handle on that.

Ready for favorite foto friday?? Here’s a fun one.

While the boys (yep, that’s them) were down for Christmas, we went to the zoo. I love the zoo, and one of the best parts of our zoo is the giraffes. For some reason, our zoo has a very successful giraffe breeding program, and there are lots and lots of animals. There were nearly 20 out in the yard the day we were there. You can check out our giraffe exhibit here. Anyway, the best part is that you can feed the great beasties, for a small fee of course. If I knew how to do it, I would post the ‘video’ we took—there’s just nothing like being sandwiched between giraffes, going for the same bit of rye krisp.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend….and while you are reveling in the unofficial start of summer, please take time to remember why we have Memorial Day in the first place.



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4 responses to “Moebius…take 5?

  1. I hope you’ve got it now… it looks like it’s coming along well! 🙂

  2. I love that picture! Giraffes are so funky looking.

    Congrats on getting the moebius sorted out! It’s such a weird thing, isn’t it?

    Looking forward to seeing the buttons on the cardi! 🙂

  3. Alex looks so young…who da thunk it was taken 6mo ago… 🙂

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