In which I knit a Moebius Basket and add a design feature


So, Friday afternoon, Christy came over for a bit a walked me through a moebius cast on. Anybody who has tried this technique will understand my confusion. Christy’s words of advice were “don’t think about it, just do it……I know it looks like crap, just keep going and it will be fine.” So on I knit. I completed the I cord bind off at the knit meet on Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon I picked up stitches and began the seemingly endless round and round stocking stitch that forms the basket. About 3 rows in I noticed this:

……the moebius handle has an extra twist.

Nope. I have no idea how I did that. Probably couldn’t repeat it if I wanted to. Yes, I tried flipping it, inverting it and doing everything else I could think of to it. [Insert expletive of choice here]. Short of tearing it out and starting over, I don’t see a way to fix it. Thus, I now have a double twist basket.

The learning curve had another interesting twist this weekend as I learned how to do short row toes (for socks) on Saturday morning. Again, those around kept saying “don’t think about it, trust the yarn, just do it, it will be fine……” (I have such helpful friends), and after an hour or so I had a toe:

……not one that would fit my foot, but a really nice looking sock toe. Right then and there I decided that I would have to give it another go, fewer stitches, smaller needles. I was working with what I thought were US 2’s—-measured them before I left that morning. By the time I got to the coffee shop, they had grown into 3’s. Damn. That explained the big toe. SO, Saturday night on the way to a party in Pueblo, I cast on another toe, and last night before I gave up and went to sleep, this is what I had:

……..better, no? I’m going to knit another inch or so and then start a simple pattern on the top of the foot—probably MJ’s seed stitch rib, which is simple but cute.

I LOVE the gals in our knitgroup. We laugh a lot, share ideas and techniques and have such a good time. This coming Saturday we are meeting at MJ’s for a ‘puppy party.’ Most of us have at least one doggie, lots of us have more than one, and so we will bring them along for a knit day in MJ’s back yard. Should be fun.

The weekend was full of non-knitting activity as well. Friday night we went to an impromptu dinner party for one of the foreign researchers who will be leaving soon. Saturday night we celebrated a new American citizen; another of our foreign researchers was sworn in a week or so ago. At each of these parties, the non-Americans equaled or exceeded the Americans, which makes for good conversation. Here’s what blows my mind: We have several married couples that are made up of different nationalities, for instance, the party on Friday evening was hosted by a couple who hail from France (hubby) and Spain (wife). The children who are 3 and 5 speak French, Spanish and English equally well. Saturday night, the hosts were German and Korean, and the children, about 4 and 5 spoke Korean, German and English. What an advantage they will have! The German dad was telling us that his 5 year old daughter interprets for him (Korean to German) if she thinks he may be missing the finer points of the conversation (her Korean is better than his), and I assume she helps her mother in a similar way if the conversation is in German. Of course, both parents speak very good English (mom is a surgeon) but they speak only their native tongue to their children.

Today’s goal is to get the red cardi put together, and then work on the sock a bit (I think). The spinning wheel has gone back to the shop (snif), nothing to tempt me on that front. The other possibility is that I may be tempted away to Franktown to look at a couple used wheels with my enabler, Ellen. Here is the issue: Lisa wants a spinning wheel; Sister-in-Law is sending Lisa a spinning wheel of unknown working order/quality; Spinning wheel is still a long way from arriving at Black Sheep Central, and will most likely require work; Lisa is not know for her patience and would like a working wheel before the Estes Park Wool Market; Ellen, being the fine enabler that she is, found used Kromski ‘s in Franktown and has only today to help me look; Lisa wants a wheel.

Tune in tomorrow and see what I decided to do.



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2 responses to “In which I knit a Moebius Basket and add a design feature

  1. Damn is right. I hate knitting days like that!!

  2. Look at how much you learned over the past few days!!! Alas, you’ve reminded me of the moebius cat bed that’s 80% done that I haven’t touched for a year…

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