It’s calling my name!

Yesterday, Blogger was having trouble loading photo’s—again. Seems every few days there is a hiccup in the system, and something goes pear shaped. Rather than sit in front of the computer, tapping my fingers and getting frustrated, I glanced over and saw the spinning wheel, sitting near the window and thought–well, I’ll just go spin a bit while I wait for the $%^ pictures to load. Good idea, huh?

5 hours later, I had gotten none of what I wanted to do accomplished, not the dishes, not the vacuuming, no knitting. But I did have this:

I’m still not there yet, not getting the consistency I want, but I’m coming to believe I will, with enough practice and good fiber. I dug out the cinnamon colored mystery wool and gave it another go. It’s still sticky and it seems to break really easily (adding to the frustration level), but I was able to get some of it spun up. My thoughts were to ply it with the brown, which is not all that pretty on it own. This is what it looks like:

Again, not something I’m likely to use, but I will have a great history of progress, no?

AND….if I can hold out til summer, I can pick up a wheel from my Mother-in-Law, who has two, neither of which is in use (or ever has been). Several years ago, she got the urge to spin and asked her father–then nearly 90–to make her one. Without a pattern or any idea how it was suppose to work, and with only a picture, he made a beautiful (and functional) wheel. During one part of the process the wheel itself flew apart, knocking him on his keester, breaking his glasses and causing quite a nice little gash on his eyebrow. Even if I don’t bring it home, I’m planning to give it a spin the next time I get the chance. It will be neat to spin on the wheel that this master woodcrafter made (more than likely from wood from his own property), and spin fond memories of my Brad’s beloved Grandpa.

I’ve had quite the busy day, beginning with a trip to my massage therapist, where I allowed her to torture me for an hour or so. Then to the chiropractor, where he does his best to hurt me as well. All along he has told me that I shouldn’t be knitting, and I’ve held my tongue, or at most told him “sorry, that’s non-negotiable.” Today when he suggested we get rid of the spinning wheel, I quickly told him that perhaps he should get rid of his mountain bike. I don’t think we’ll be discussing my fiber fetish anytime soon.

My sister-in-law brought to my attention this morning that Washington’s Mount Saint Helen’s is again making noises, and lost a piece of itself over the last several days. I thought that for today’s Favorite Foto, then, I would show you all what it looked like last July. Who knows what it will look like this July.

You can see from this photo that life is returning to the area, as well as the giant crater that was left behind after the 1980 eruption. We took a nice little hike down a trail that lead to Spirit Lake, and all around were signs of the disaster; entire forests leveled by the blast. The crystal blue lake is still at least 1/3 smaller, as it is filled with debris and trees. But at least in this picture, there is still striking beauty.

Have great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful Mother’s out there. (Gentlemen, you still have time to be a hero).



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4 responses to “It’s calling my name!

  1. Hmm, maybe next time you’ll have to tell him that maybe you need to get rid of your chiropractor! 😉

    Cool picture of Mt St Helens…

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey…I bet that yarn that you spun together would make a great ‘piece’ to those scarfs we were making this past winter?? Try it out! 🙂 I went to the bone cracker today too. I am blessed as I have full range of my head/neck area again!! YIPPEE!
    Have great weekend…we still have sunshine and it is supposed to get warmer. 🙂 Yeah! The deck will get used…BT will be grateful of that! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    ps…I forgot how pretty St. Helens is! 🙂 Great pic you took!

  4. That looks really good, including the courage to ply! Some wools that are sold for spinning are dreadful, either not good for starting out, or poorly prepared. It becomes a real caveat emptor situation. It takes awhile to get consistency. I’m coming up on a year, and getting better, but still not consistent.

    Scarf is a great idea. Anything works for scarves, and you get extra points for having it be handspun!

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