just a quick post……..

I’m going to be very honest with you all: I’m tired, and grumpy and what I really want to do is go back to my audiobook and knitting. I had a restless night, due in part to a moderately upsetting phone call at bedtime, couldn’t sleep in and had to be out first thing this morning—-threw off my whole routine. I’m such a creature of habit, I like knowing what will happen, like to have a plan. I don’t mind surprises (nice ones, anyway), but the ones that bring stress and chaos just aren’t my thing, (oh, not yours either, huh?). So today, the events of the last 14 hours have me in a foul mood. Add to that, my computer is having something of an identity crisis; it’s a wonder I haven’t declared an early happy hour and retired to the sofa for a little lie down.

The sole purpose for my doing this today is to share with you that the “math” seems to have worked, the right front of the cardi is done and I’m half way up the left. Of course it remains to be seen what it will look like once I’ve added a bit of button band, but so far it looks like a success.

What say you all?

The spinning wheel has been idle since Saturday night, but tomorrow I have a “play date” with another spinner. That should help me determine whether I keep working at it or throw in the towel before I waste anymore knitting time. Stay tuned.

Now I must get back to the cardi and the book (In the Company of the Courtesan—I just loved The Birth Of Venus so much that I had to give this a listen. I am, so far, completely sucked in).



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3 responses to “just a quick post……..

  1. It looks great! Few of us like change or surprises. My day has been full of them…a feel a headache coming. I’ll take a lie down, too.

  2. Hi from Austria! Oh, poor you, your day doesn’t sound that great so far – I sure hope you can squeeze in some knitting and relaxing time, and you’ll see, everything will be fine!
    Your cardi is already looking so gorgeous, I absolutely love the pattern as well as the color you chose – looking forward to seeing more of it!

  3. The sweater’s looking good at least, right?! 🙂

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