it’s Wednesday…ya’ll know what that means

Today has been an odd day, my usual routine thrown off by a bad night’s sleep. Funny how not sleeping well just messes up your day. This morning’s computer time was taken up securing gifts for Mother’s Day, and then I was off for an appointment with my dermatologist.

I now interrupt this blog post for an important public service announcement: The importance of sunscreen cannot be overstated. Being a fair skinned person who grew up in the 60s and 70s in the era of suntan lotion and baby oil, I have done irreparable damage to my skin, including Melanoma, a particularly vicious form of skin cancer. While mine was apparently very localized, the risk that it will return is still present, and given that I am literally covered with freckles, the chance that one of them will go wonky is also very real. Please, in the name of all things woolly, wear sunscreen…all the time.

Okay, back to the other news of the day.

Last night I went to bed early, with one of the Netflix flicks that has been patiently waiting for me…..(have I mentioned that Netflix is wonderful??? No late fees, they come to my mailbox, no postage. What could be better??) All snuggled in with the red cardi, I flipped on “A History of Violence,” obviously an adult themed movie with a fair amount of graphic violence (and a couple fairly graphic sex scenes thrown in for good measure). It was a fairly good movie, more drama than thriller and worth the rent. I will say that I did NOT like the ending, it didn’t provide enough closure for me. If you have a weak stomach or can’t abide fowl language, this is not a good choice for you.

I’m still working my way through “Beethoven’s Hair,” which is interesting, but not so absorbing that I can’t put it down. Given that, I have just a couple rows left on the back of the cardigan before starting the neckline shaping. Then it’s on to the fronts, and finishing up the sleeves. Yes, dear reader, the end is in sight. As it looks much the same as the last time I showed you, I will spare you another photograph.

Today’s word is one I hear often, see in print regularly and just want to nail down it’s proper usage….the word is ennui (‘on-wee’) , which according to my handy, dandy Websters means a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction: boredom.

Cool word, but I, for one, was not at all clear on the meaning. Its history is French and stems from words that mean annoyance, to vex or to make loathsome. About now, some of you may be thinking about projects, drives, movies, books that lead to ennui. Knitting socks often leads me to feelings of ennui. Sweaters with miles and miles of stockinette, I-80 through Wyoming….I’ll bet you can think of a few examples of your own. Of course, all of you are creative enough people to correct feelings like this; surely, the cure for ennui is as close as your stash, the library or local book or yarn store. Having several things going at one time helps keep ennui at bay.

So the question of the day is this…..What drives you toward ennui and how do you overcome it?



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4 responses to “it’s Wednesday…ya’ll know what that means

  1. Jay

    The germans have a great alternative to the French ennui: langweilig. Doesn’t it just sound how you feel..? Long, lazy and just about to drop off to sleep.
    I feel ennui whenever I look at the jumper I am making my niece out of the S’n’B book, whenever Big Brother comes on (unless there’s a SERIOUS amount of flesh on show!), and every time I pick up any book by Milan Kundera or Salman Rushdie.

  2. I-80 thru Wy – what a great comparision. Or was til I began to look at places off I-80 (Red Desert, etc)…now it’s one of my fav hiways. And that goes with “ennui” too. I begin to analyze why… (Hey – I like Jay’s comment – long, lazy and just about to drop to sleep… this rainy day does that to me)

  3. Ennui is one of my favorite words…thank goodness I don’t suffer from its effects too often.

  4. I heart sunscreen… but there are a few bad sunburning times in my past (70s and 80s) that worry me now…

    Winter brings on ennui for me – feeling trapped in darkness, trapped inside, trapped in cold, and bored to my half-frozen toes. Really, spring and sunshine and getting outside and moving seems to be the only cure for me.

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