Is it time to panic yet?

I’ve just gotten back from ‘sitting’ with a sick friend, where I got a bit a knitting done between running up and down stairs fetching things. I was working on the red cardi and I think I have another inch and a half or so to go on the back section. Concern over how the sleeves will interface with the body has been eclipsed by the worry that I will run out of yarn. When I did the math in the beginning, I figured out how much the sweater should take, and added 10%, perhaps 15%. I haven’t reached full out panic yet, but the thought that I may need to make a call to KnitPicks has crossed my mind. Tell me what you think….I just started a new ball a couple rows back, and I have four complete balls left.

(sorry for the crummy photo)

As I was packing up projects this morning to take along to my friends house, I looked for my Project Spectrum sock….it has gone missing (or more likely I did not perform the most thorough of searches). I am loath to admit that I’ve been ignoring the poor sock, but truthfully, I’m not enjoying it. The yarn (Cascade Fixation) combined with the pattern is just not doing it for me, it’s hard on my fingers and doesn’t really show the lace pattern at all….another poor choice made when I was a younger knitter. It’s clear to me that it will not be finished before the month is out, if at all any time soon. Life is to short to knit things you really are not enjoying, don’t you think?

Now I really must go and get a few things done that were neglected while little dude was here.

And maybe find that #$%^&* sock.



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5 responses to “Is it time to panic yet?

  1. Heh, Fixation is not my favorite sock yarn, to be sure…

    I SUCK at yarn estimating. I would totally be panicking – but I ended up with 3 or 4 extra 270 yard skeins after my Olympic sweater… šŸ™‚

  2. I am useless at yarn estimating. I always buy way more yarn than I need because I’m always afraid I will run out. How many balls of yarn have you used so far? And how much left do you have to do?

  3. Like Chris, I’m terrible at estimating. If I’m at all close to having “just the right amount” I’m likely to panic right up until I bind off the very last stitch.

    Cascade is not a fun yarn to knit with at all. That said I have enough for two more pairs in my stash. They’ve been there for at least a year now so I guess that says something, LOL!

  4. Ya, fixation is not my fav sock yarn. It doesn’t feel good on the foot, either.

  5. I can be surrounded by hundreds of balls of yarn for a given project, and still worry about running out, so I’m going to be no help. But I will cross my fingers for you! šŸ™‚

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