White Space

I love the little guy, really I do, but this morning he’s at ‘school,’ the house is quiet and I’m enjoying what DH and I used to refer to as ‘white space.’ Loosely defined, white space is that time when you are–at least temporarily–free from the responsibilities of parenting. It’s being able to shop, get a massage or just go to the bathroom without company. White space is best enjoyed all by yourself, but can also be enjoyed at Starbucks with a good friend. Mom and Dad come home this afternoon, and then it’s back to my ‘no life’ routine.

I got the second slipper done in bed last night…..just in time for sunshine and 70 today (ahh springtime). At least it was knitting, and it was a nice diversion from all the big projects. Later today I might get to the cardi.

Since it’s Wednesday…..it must be time for a New Word. Predilection is a noun which means an established preference for something. This word stems from the Latin verb legere, which means “to gather” or “to read” and is the source of many other English word such as: collect, lesson, sacrilege and legume. I have no idea what beans have to do with reading or gathering, but it is interesting none the less. Of course this word made me think of knitters (you knew I would get around to that didn’t you??). Most of us have a predilection for one fiber or another, one type of needle over another, possibly even one gauge over another. When skimming magazines or pattern books, our predilections determine what appeals to us. In yarn stores, our purchases are strongly influenced by our predilections. In the larger crafting world, our predilections lead us to knitting or quilting, photography or painting, quilting or scrapbooking. From the clothes we wear, to the pets we own, to the places we vacation, our lives are a testament to our predilections.

I think I’ll go indulge my predilection for knitting…..or perhaps reading



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4 responses to “White Space

  1. A little peace and quiet is always a good thing. 🙂

  2. Lovely little slippers! I hope you don’t get run too ragged to enjoy little dude. Before long he’ll be big dude!

  3. Those slippers turned out really cute! You’ll be able to catch up on your sleep soon. 🙂

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