Horribly, uncontrollably sidetracked.

Yesterday afternoon I made a trip to Michaels. I love Michales, not really for knitting goodies but for almost everything else. They have great candles, a good framing department and tons of crafty things that always inspire me to try something new. While I was there, I wanted to see if they carried seed beads; the kind used for the tiny little “purses.” They did not, but they did have what I needed for these:

Pretty beaded bookmarks.

I have bought (and loved) several of these over the years….but what fun to make your own, huh? I had a nice little stash of beads at home (for making stitch markers, of course) and had been looking for suitable cord for book marks. I settled on black hemp, which seems to do the trick nicely. So last night while DH was busy grading papers, I sat nearby and played with the beads, ending up with 6 or 8 of these little beauties. A couple will make their way to my sister-in-law for her birthday, and the rest will, well, who knows.

The other thing that came home with me was this:

—-let’s blame Mason-Dixon Knitting, shall we? I spent a good bit of time yesterday reading this GREAT book. I know others have sung its praises, loudly over the internet, in recent days, but I just can’t resist joining the chorus. The book is just full of great ideas ( my favorite is the log cabin knitting) and I had to bring home a bit of cotton to play with. I have a couple dishcloths worth and enough white for a baby kimono.

Today’s goal is to get through this next pattern repeat on the red cardi, split the stitches for the two fronts and the back and then work on one of those sections. But with all of the other tempting goodies laying about, who knows what will happen.

Okay, how about another New Word. Today’s word is clew a noun that means 1: a ball of thread, yarn or cord 2: a clue 3a: a lower corner or the after corner of a sail b: a metal loop attached to the lower corner of a sail.

Can you guess what meaning I’m focusing in on??? (all you wordsmiths will love this)

The “ball of thread” meaning for “clew” (from Middle English clewe)has been with us since before the 12th century. Because balls of thread were used to escape from labyrinths in various mythological stories (such as the story of Theseus in Crete),”clew” and the variant “clue” came to be used for
anything that could guide a person through a difficult place. This led in turn
to the meaning “a piece of evidence that leads one toward the solution of a problem.” Today, “clue” is the more common spelling for the “evidence” sense,
but you’ll find “clew” in some famous works of literature…………

I don’t know about you, but I have had clews guide me through many difficult places (as well as creating a few). Just think of it…you can know refer to stash diving as searching for clews!

Who knew?



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2 responses to “Sidetracked

  1. What until I tell Smith there are clews in my stash;-) We had a sail boat for years so that’s the meaning I knew.

  2. Very fun info on “clew”! Thanks for sharing that.

    Hmm, it’s sounding like the MD book, when it arrives, will finally give me a purpose for that kitchen cotton I have…

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