Where I’ve Knit

Yesterday I learned of a contest that Kat is having, and thought it would be fun to share (you can find all the details here). Here is the game: List 5 places other than your home or a knitting store where you have knitted. Here’s my list.

1. On a sailboat while cruising through the San Juan Islands (Washington State)
2. On the train between Rome and Florence, Italy.
3. At a USAFA hockey game.
4. At a presentation of Handel’s Messiah at the Academy Chapel.
5. At Lowes while attending a demo on installing hardwood floors.

The challenge for me is not coming up with five, but deciding which five would be most interesting. I mean, really, if you’re a knitter, there are countless places you have knit. I’ve knit while camping, at work, at doctors appointments, on planes, trains and in in cars. I’ve knit in coffee shops, hair salons, in other peoples homes, and in hospital emergency rooms. Many of us wish we could knit in our sleep—the ultimate in multitasking! But isn’t this what we love about knitting? We can take our hobby anywhere, unlike, say, woodworking or mural painting. Think of how long your list might be if you included all the knitting stores and places in your home where you’ve knit (I’m still trying to figure out how to knit in the tub). Perhaps the bigger challenge is thinking of places we have NOT knit.

Scary, eh?

The weather has turned cooler, it was very, very windy yesterday and DH had to do some re-propping of the fence—there is a rotten post, but you can’t do much about it while the ground is frozen, ya know? We had sustained winds of around 30mph with gusts over 40 yesterday afternoon. Hence the cooler weather (no snow Margene….Hallelujah!) I can deal with cooler, the sun is still shining.

The other big news of yesterday is the arrival of this:

I’ve begun the read through and I’ll say it looks to be a must have. Yes, I am contemplating the joys of knitting dishcloths and baby kimono’s (in fact, an email just arrived announcing a new baby boy in hubby’s department….hmm).

The other book in the box (you didn’t think there was just one did you?) is a new knitting mystery by Maggie Sefton called Needled to Death. I read her previous book (Knit One, Kill Two), and while it won’t be found amongst books like East of Eden, or Pride and Prejudice, it’s a good read; fun, engaging and worth the time…..a perfect little book to take on a plane or to the beach. What makes these stories particularly enjoyable for me is that they are set in Colorado.

Now, where to knit today?



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3 responses to “Where I’ve Knit

  1. We had more snow this morning! Everything was blanketed in white. Picture tomorrow. 70 by Friday, however…woohoo!!!
    Enjoy MDK…it’s a fun book to read and you’ll soon find something you MUST knit from it.

  2. kat

    Thanks for joining the contest! I love knitting on a sailboat. I guess i could have put on my list sailing from Half Moon Bay to Monterey…with a pilot whale at our stern to boot!

  3. You have some great knitting locations!

    It’s beastly windy here, too – and trying to decide whether to rain or just be menacing with the lightning.

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