Monday morning report

shhhh…..I don’t want to tempt fate, so I’m saying this a quietly as I can. At the risk of bringing on an enormous snow storm, I’m going to go out on a (blooming) limb and say:

Spring. Is. Here.

There, I said it. All evidence points to the long anticipated arrival of the glorious season, the grass is (getting) green, the trees are beginning to leaf and flower, the birds are singing and the squirrels have returned….much to Kramer’s amusement. I love Colorado, really I do, but I still believe Spring should have been evident a month ago.

We had a funfilled Easter weekend here at Black Sheep Central. Friday night we picked up some KFC and headed to the park to dine, with a view of the Peak and the city below. Nice date. We followed that up with a DVD at home (just signed up for Netflix….I think it’s love). Saturday I was back at Knitters with Altitude, this time out East in Falcon. We had a good group, and I was one of the last ones to leave.

Saturday evening brought this:

A return to the joys of dying eggs with small children. The little dude wasn’t quite sure he was enjoying himself at first, but soon got in the game, as evidenced by muliticolored hands. Mister Brad joined us for pizza and a good time was had by all.

Sunday, after church we lounged around the house before heading over to the little dudes house for egg hunting and dinner. I was reminded of our own little dude (now 23) who would hunt eggs over and over for days (which, of course, rendered the eggs inedible, but hey, eggs are cheap). Stephen hunted eggs at least 4 times yesterday and I predict he will insist on playing the game again today. He was so funny, wandering around the yard saying things like “that ‘neaky bunny.” As you can see, the weather was fantastic, so we broke with tradition and grilled steaks—maybe a new tradition.

I have about an inch and a half to go on the red cardi before I split it up for the fronts and the back….yes, my friends, the end is in sight. And even better, I’m not sick of it yet! I think I’ve dabbled on and off with enough other things that it’s made the seemingly endless rows of red bearable. In fact, today I will finish another square for Grace, giving me three, which I think I’ll pop in the mail ASAP. Cynthia mentioned to me in an email the other day that she might soon be soliciting other colors for other children, so I’ll have plenty of little squares to break up the larger projects.

I’m off to the business of the day, which will include a massage……… and an egg hunt (just got the phone call 🙂 ).



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2 responses to “Monday morning report

  1. It looked like that here yesterday but today everything is covered with white. Sorry to burst your bubble but it might be headed your way.

  2. Hmm, I’m sending anti-snow energy your way!! I think I might scream if it snows here again…

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