Friday? good

Yesterday was an incredible spring day, temps reached the low 80’s and the blue sky was just gorgeous. I had windows open, and the dogs came and went through the open back door. It was my favorite kind of day.

Kramer had a good time too. One of our neighborhood squirrels ventured into the yard and up the tree.

“Where did he go? I know he’s here somewhere………”

Squirrel dude, safe in the tree………

Still on the hunt……..

While I was out recording the activity, here’s what else I found.

Signs of life….YIPEE! I have baby leaves on the Lilac bush, on the nectarine tree and on the cherry tree! Only someone’s who lives in this dry, high desert climate will appreciate how exciting this is.

Yesterday, after coming to the conclusion that I needed to actually finish something (so important to the psyche, don’t you think??) I knit up a square for Grace. You may notice that I have added the Warming Grace button to the sidebar, one click and you’ll have all the details. I’ve been emailing Cynthia, who began this important “along” and she has been totally overwhelmed with the response. We knitters are a generous bunch.

Anyway….I knit up one little square from leftover wool/cotton from the rosebud cardie, and then went stash diving for more pink. I found a wee bit of cabled wool, and so I’m well into square two. There’ s just nothing like a quick little project to make you feel successful. And in this case, I’m doing something to bless someone else……nothing better.

One more… is after all Favorite Foto Friday.

How’s that for a pretty shot of Mt. Rainier?? Just days before we left Washington, we joined the family for a camping trip in the valley between Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. On our way back north, we took the detour through Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park, and enjoyed the beauty that is part of the Pacific Northwest. The previous day we had been to see Mt. St. Helens, which had been making rumbling noises. The scenery is impressive in an entirely different way, the power of the 1980 eruption leveling the surrounding forest and creating an enormous crater in the side. Mt. Rainier is also a volcano, due for an eruption as well, and I for one was glad to see it in this form. It is just gorgeous, and such a symbol for the region.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.



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4 responses to “Friday? good

  1. Oh, that last picture is GORGEOUS – thanks for sharing! Your squares are very cute, too.

    Nectarine tree – how cool! Not something that really grows up here…

  2. I’m knitting for Grace, too!

    Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  3. The trees here are coming into full bloom. It’s beautiful! The little pink tree pictured on my blog last week was a Nectarine tree. Moxie and Kramer look like they would have a good time together!

  4. I think I know exactly were you took that photo… beautiful!

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