A maker of things

This morning I ventured into the basement to locate my stash of scrapbooking supplies, in order to fashion a Project Spectrum Postcard for A’tuin. It’s been a few years since I dabbled in papercraft, but as expected, I found my collection of stickers, shapes and stickers, as well as a little bit of yellow and orange paper. Several years ago, my life was completely given over to scrapbooking, the workings of the craft spread over my dining room table as a semi-permanent accourtrement.

It’s interesting how I’ve moved from craft to craft over my adult life. Before scrapbooking it was counted cross-stitch and a bit of crochet, now it’s all knitting all the time. I am a maker of things. Paper and scissors have been replace by yarn and needles, and one doesn’t have to look very hard for evidence of my craft. I’m guessing I have a lot of company. For generations women (and men) knit out of necessity, everything from underwear and socks to sweaters and jackets to warm their families and community. Today, the plethora of time saving innovations have freed up hours that we can now call leisure. But the urge to craft, to make things is still part of us. Some craft furniture from wood grown on their own property, as my husbands Grandfather did. Some garden, growing delicious things to eat as my brother in law does. Some, like my sister-in-law, quilt, and share these works of art with others to celebrate life events. But the fact remains, we do these things for the joy of doing them, rather than out of necessity.

Now for New Word Wednesday. Let’s look at usufruct, a noun, which means 1. the legal right of using and enjoying the fruits or profits of something belonging to another 2. the right to use or enjoy something. Again, let me quote from my little new words calendar.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The earth belongs in usufruct to the living.”
Apparently, Jefferson understood that when you hold something in usufruct, you
gain something of significant value–but only temporarily. The gains
granted by “usufruct” can be clearly seen in its source, the Latin phrase usus et fructus, which means “use and enjoyment.” “Usufruct” has
been used as a noun for rights that seem the legal equivalent of having your
cake and eating it too, since at least the 1630s. Any right granted by
usufruct ends at a specific point, usually the death of the individual who holds

Today, I’m planning another trip to Table Rock Llamas to sign up for their beginning spinning class. While I’m there, I may pick up some pink yarn to knit squares for Grace. I used to work in a pediatric oncology practice, so I’m particularly keen to jump in on this “along.” Anybody else?



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2 responses to “A maker of things

  1. The words you share are always interesting even if they could never be part of my limited vocabulary.
    I’m enjoying playing with paper. While several other crafts have been part of my life scrap booking and card making have not.

  2. Although there was a brief stint of crocheting rag rugs about 17 years ago, until I started knitting 5.5 years ago, I wasn’t really a maker. I’m glad I am now, tho!

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