knitting and dying and spinning?? oh my!

Saturday morning I went to my first “knit meet” with a great group of gals who call themselves ‘Knitters with Altitude’ (clever, given that our elevation here in Colorado Springs hovers around 6500 feet—higher than Denver, the ‘mile high city’). I had a ball; lot’s of laughing, the occasional foul word when something went amiss, and fantastic variety. Many were working on socks; toe-up, magic loop, traditional top down 4 needle socks. Brie was working on a teddy bear, Chery had almost neon pink and lime on her needles, and Christy had a bag full of hand-dyed goodness that was, well, irresistible.

Here’s what I came home with……

It didn’t have a name given to it, so I’m calling it “forest lilacs.” It’s sock weight, and there is plenty for socks, but I’m keeping my options open.

I finally feel like I can take another picture of the red cardi….see, it is progressing.

As it got close to lunchtime. I followed Christy to Table Rock Llamas Fiber Studio, just up the road from where we had been knitting. Another treat for the senses; yarn, books, tools, fiber of all sorts and as is always the case in a yarn store, COLOR. I gazed, and fondled and pet and stroked and decided I would just have to go back again. I’m seriously thinking about taking their beginning spinning class in a few weeks.

Spinning is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for quite a while, but have been putting it off for several reasons. First, I’m just not all that coordinated, I’m concerned that all that has to go on simultaneously to spin is beyond my ability. Second, spinning wheels are pricey….even on e-bay, (I’ve checked–more than once). Until I win the lottery, a wheel is just not something I think I want to buy, just to find out I suck at it. Third, why would I want to give up precious knitting time to spin yarn that might not be worth knitting? And yet, the allure is still there, the promise of meditative activity that produces beautiful yarn, the soothing whir of the wheel as it spins, being able to say “yep, I made the sweater and the yarn.” DH accused me this morning of “wheel envy” and I reminded him that although he has never used a metal lathe, doesn’t have time to play with one and has no idea what he would use it for, he still wants to have one, pours over the tool brochures that come in the mail and plans where he will put the thing. So there. I’ll take the class, if only to see if it is something I want to pursue, or if it’s hateful and I can once and for all put it out of my mind. Plus, they rent wheels!

After our blustery Windsday, the weekend was lovely and warm. Sunday morning we joined our friends at their church for their Easter choir and orchestra presentation which was nothing short of outstanding. Here is a Methodist church, with a membership of around 2500, that has a professional quality orchestra and a choir of at least 75. It was just beautiful, extremely well done and a real treat to be a part of. We followed up the service with brunch. In the late afternoon, we took the dogs to the little park up the hill for some fresh air and kite flying. The wind was fickle, but as you can see, the weather was fab, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Jake was completely covered in grass, having rolled and rolled in it. It was soooooo nice out, I hated to come home.

Once home, my wonderful, handsome, smart and talented husband helped me figure out what was wrong with my sidebar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
AND we figured out how to add buttons (I can’t tell you how excited I am). Watch out….I might steal YOURS!

Also, a quick shout to Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos and Scout at Scouts Knitted Swag who have added ME to their sidebar (I am so tickled, you have no idea).



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3 responses to “knitting and dying and spinning?? oh my!

  1. Anonymous

    Seems to me like your learning curve is getting much larger…just looking at your side bar!! 🙂 Don’t ask me to do this…Dad and BT are out there dodging rain drops. 😦 I am sad for that! They have a nice breakfast in their tummies and are on their own till lunch as I play runner for them. That is the part that I can do and really enjoy it.! Have a great day! M PS Pics when I get a chance…

  2. I considered giving you a holler when I was in the Springs (near Austin Bluffs) Wednesday but as it turned out, we did what we needed to do and walked along Monument Creek and headed home. See you at EP if not before.

  3. 🙂 You’re welcome! Sounds like a great time on Saturday!!

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