……a rather blustery day….today

Among my all time favorite books are the Winnie the Pooh stories my A.A. Milne; I read them over and over as a child. When Disney produced a movie based on the books, I was thrilled. To this day, I thoroughly enjoy, Pooh, Piglet and the gang bouncing through the Hundred Acre Wood. And so this morning, as I awoke to the sounds of “big wind” (as my little buddy Stephen says), I heard Sterling Holloway singing the “rather blustery day” song in my mind, and Pooh wishing all his friends and neighbors a Happy Windsday. Here along the front range we are under a blizzard warning, the snow will not amount to much, but the wind is something to talk about, with gusts near 50mph. Right now, I’m getting ‘sideways snow,’ tiny little flakes like feathers in front of a giant fan. If I tied a string to Kramer, I’ll bet I could fly him like Piglet.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a nice lunch out with Eva and Stephen, followed by knitting and a movie while little dude napped. We watched “Derailed” with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen, a very suspensful, twisty turny kind of film. If you’ve not seen it, rent it, by all means (warning: there is a sexual theme, some violence and occasional bad language). I really enjoy movies with complicated plot lines and lots of suspense; this movie had both. Good flick.

While watching the movie, I got several more rows added to the red cardi, though progress is still nearly undetectable. In the end, it will be worth it, if only that I don’t have to knit two front and sew it all up, since the back and fronts are all one piece. If I were doing just the back, it would surly be finished by now. I’ve got one sleeve done and 2 or 3 inches knit on the second one. Maybe by Mother’s Day I will have a new sweater to wear.

Time for Favorite Foto Friday…………

……another picture from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. This was taken in September 2004 while son number one and I were camping near the beach. The weather was LOUSY, we spent a lot of the time either in the camper or in the car, or if outside, dodging downpours. One morning we got up and decided to make the trek to Cape Flattery, the Northern most point in the Continental US. We were on the hunt for puffins, which nest in the cliffs at the cape and on Tatoosh Island. As expected, the weather was lousy that morning, fog and rain and yuck all through the drive. As we got close to the cape, though, the sun broke through and we had a gorgeous walk through the trees (as you can see), and out to a viewing platform; perfectly blue skies as we looked out over the island and lighthouse, and though we didn’t see even one puffin, it was so worth the trip. The weather right along the coast held out, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach (with beer). It was a great trip.

Happy Windsday, and have a great weekend.



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3 responses to “……a rather blustery day….today

  1. I can’t wait to see Inside Man with Clive Owen…grrl that guy really is hot! It is clear and beautiful here today. We deserve it after living in a rain forest for 3 months!

  2. We are having a Windsday here in Minneapolis, too! And I always think of Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day when it’s like this, too.

  3. I want a photo of you flying Kramer…the idea made me laugh out loud!

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