New day, No title

What started out yesterday as a grey, overcast day, turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon with temps in the mid 70’s; Now that’s what I’m talking’ about! Today is promising to be just as lovely, with cooler weather coming tomorrow. While the West Coast is getting pounded with rain, the Northeast is getting snow showers and the Midwest is looking at possible tornados, I have to say, this is the place to be—-at least today 🙂

It seems that over the last week my life has become a cycle of trips to the chiropractor, followed by time on the sofa with ice packs followed by trips to the chiropractor. As one who works in healthcare I realize that many times things get worse before they get better, and that’s exactly where I’m at right now; I just start feeling a bit better, less stiffness, not so sore, and whammo, the chiropractor puts things in a spin again. I’m anxious to add massage to the mix.

I knit on a bit of everything yesterday: the one needle sock, the red cardi and the yellow sock. I’m heading down the foot on the one needle sock, and it’s becoming obvious that this has been a learning experience for the most part (I will finish the second sock, I will wear them, but they are not destined to become favorites). I cast on without a pattern, a first for me, and discovered once I had turned the heel and begun decreasing for the foot, that I had too many stitches for my little foot. The foot now has 6 fewer stitches than the leg (which is okay I suppose) but it made the decrease portion a bit wonky. I do believe that is ‘all about the process,’ as Margene is fond of saying, so I’m not disappointed, I’ve learned something.

The yellow “second sock” is coming along slowly, my goal for the day will be to get the ribbing complete and begin the pattern portion. I’m not sure these will be favorites either, they are also a bit baggy. Cute. But baggy. I guess this goes to show a few things. One: that socks can be custom fit, and you should take time to do it; Two: it may take a few pair of socks to figure out what works for you; and Three: not to give up. The first pair of socks I knit for myself turned out pretty good, but after knitting about 7 pair from the same pattern, I’m looking to try something different.

And now for New Word Wednesday. Today’s word is defalcation (long “e”) a noun which means 1: the act or an instance of embezzling 2: a failure to meet a promise or an expectation. As I write this I’m wondering if we could use this word to describe the Enron fiasco (in the news this week). Here’s what Webster’s Word a Day Calendar says about this word (I always love this part 🙂 )

“The tea table shall be set forth every morning with its customary bill of fare,
and without any manner of defalcation.” This line from a 1712 issue of Spectator magazine, is an example of the earliest sense of “defalcation,” defined simply as “curtailment.” “Defalcation” is ultimately from the Latin word falx, meaning “sickle” (a tool for cutting), and has been part of English since the 1400s, when it referred to monetary cutbacks (as in “a defalcation in their wages”). By the 1600s it was used of most any sort of financial reversal (as in “a defalcation of public revenues”), but not till the mid-1800s did it refer to breaches of trust that cause a financial loss or specifically to embezzlement.

I guess, in a way, both of my socks in progress have been engaged in defalcation in that they have failed to meet my expectation.

I think I’ll follow Kramer’s lead and go enjoy some time in the sun.



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2 responses to “New day, No title

  1. We have pouring RAIN! It might be coming your way. It’s so dark that it has put me in a funk (among other reasons). Anyway…your socks look great. It’s all a process of life…even the funks.

  2. Oh, hope the cycle improves soon!! Been there and it’s discouraging. I bet the sunshine helped!

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