Game on

It’s grey and overcast here in the Springs today, unusual for this part of the country, and I have to say, that although I enjoy the variety, it makes me want to tuck in with a book and a cup of tea. Fortunately, there’s nothing on the docket until this evening, so I am planning a lazy day, punctuated by laundry.

Yesterday, and again this morning. I went on a hunt for yellow and orange things in my house, and it was quite the challenge. In fact, it will be obvious to anyone paying attention that I had to get pretty creative (desperate??). I had a good laugh when Chris wondered if it would be “too pathetic” to photograph the Saran Wrap. I told her to go for it since I was including the Bisquick (and Wheat Thins and Nilla Wafers). A few years back I had a good deal of yellow in the house, in fact my family room was painted bright yellow (about the color of deviled eggs). When we moved, I made the swing toward red and khaki, and that’s what I have now. One thing is certain, it’s much easier to accessorize with a neutral background than with screaming yellow.

I’m anxious to see what you come up with.

On the knitting front, I made a teensy bit of progress on the yellow sock last night just before bed. I actually yielded knitting time to read yesterday afternoon and evening, finishing the first book of Phillip Pullman’s Trilogy (His Dark Materials). While I believe he has written for young readers, he is definitely holding my attention. It will be a toss-up as to what gets my time today.

Enjoy whatever captures your attention today!



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3 responses to “Game on

  1. Clouds are moving in….it will be gray and rainy later and ALL day tomorrow.
    I’d love to sit with some tea and my knitting or read a book. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Hee hee – I use Sunlight dish soap, too! Great pictures. I maybe yet post pictures of that… 😉

    I like that trilogy quite a bit – in fact, I probably need to listen to it again…

  3. Hello from Austria! Wow, what a great heap of beautiful yellow and orange things you found around you – it’s amazing what we see when we’re really looking, no?
    Good luck with the sock – I’m looking forward to seeing progress photos of it!

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