If it’s April, it must be yellow

Hmmmm, where to start……..

Welcome to April (and Monday). We got off to a busy start, here at Black Sheep Central. Here’s a quick recap of our weekend.

Saturday early afternoon I headed north to Castle Rock to meet up with Team Colorado (from the Knitting Olympics). I was a little late, so when I walked into the coffee bistro I asked the barista’s where the hoard of knitters was. From behind me I heard “here I am.” Yep, the crowd I was anticipating numbered 1. Disappointing for Linda, who I met for the first time, and who is also from Colorado Springs. After a few minutes we were joined by Ellen, for a total of 3. We had a great time over coffee, each of us happily working away on socks in progress. Linda was working on Jaywalker, Ellen was on sock two of the “p-word” socks (in green variegated koigu…spectacular) and I had the one needle sock along. After a bit, we took a little field trip to the LYS, Linda got a long circular needle to try the Magic Loop technique (after having a go at mine), and Ellen came away with beautiful merino roving. In addition to two new knitting buddies I have and invitation (?) to a local knit-in next Saturday. Details to follow.

When I got home Mister Brad was busy with our local 2 year old, Stephen, who was at our house for his very first sleep-over. Yes, our favorite little dude was here for a “trial run” of sorts, to see if he might be able to stay with us while Mom and Dad take a little R & R in Vegas later this month. There was bubble blowing and pizza, stories and bathtime and little guy went to bed with little to no fuss, snuggled into bed with his pillow, duckie and Elmo. He woke up only once (3 a.m.) and after a drink and a little Motrin for his teething pain, went right back to sleep. He slept until nearly 10 a.m., unheard of at his house, where his room is on the “sunny side” of the house. (Lisa’s first rule of parenting: NEVER wake a sleeping baby) Mom and Dad came to pick him up, and we went for a ‘victory’ breakfast.

Sunday afternoon passed quietly, a bit of a nap and some knitting. Since it is April, I cast on a little something YELLOW as part of Project Spectrum. This is the beginning of sock number two that I mentioned last week. This is going to be an exercise in endurance; there’s something so slow about this yarn……I knit for about 3 hours last evening (not non-stop of course but fairly steady) and I have 1 inch of 1×1 ribbing. What’s up with that?? Could it be the yarn, or is it the black hole of the second sock? At this rate, I’ll have this sock on needles till June.

I’m looking around my house for bits of yellow, and realize now that there is not that much. Finding red things last month was a breeze, but yellow is in rather short supply. I will go on a hunt and share my finds in tomorrows post. Anybody want to join me??

Here’s a teaser.

By the way….did you know that today is National Nap Day? Go forth and celebrate!



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2 responses to “If it’s April, it must be yellow

  1. I know WHY it is national nap day…who couldn’t sleep as they had to go to bed before being totally tired and then had to get up why too early (even tho the clock said it was later). Yawn…
    Oh, and it IS the process. The sock will grow nicely if you just enjoy it and stop measuring it;-)
    I’m up for the orange and yellow meme tomorrow.

  2. I’ll go searching for my meager orange and yellow bits at some point, but not by tomorrow… I’ll enjoy seeing what you manage to find, tho!–>

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