It’s all good

Yesterday turned out nothing like I had thought, but it was all good. I had just settled myself into the tub with my book in progress for a nice long soak when my friend Eva called me. She runs her own business, and has- since he was born- taken Stephen along with her. Well, you can imagine, a 2 1/2 year old fella gets a bit bored, day after day, and yesterday he had reached critical mass and started his meltdown. Miss Heesa to the rescue. I drove to the shop and the little dude and I went to the park. Later, while he was napping, Eva and I ordered Chinese and had a bit of a sit down.

I believe there is a reason God gives children to young women, not the least of which is energy and nerves. This was brought home to me again while I watched the dude climb up a big old slide (1970’s vintage I’m sure…remember when they were really steep and tall and metal?). I stood there watching, wondering if I should climb up behind him, thinking ‘well, obviously he’s done this before,’ remembering when my guys were this age (or trying to anyway), and hoping with everything in me that he would do okay… was a long way down, AND he did great, came down the slide and landed on his feet and everything! Later on, after the swings, and the bouncy thing and the climbing stuff we tried the slide again. “You go first, Miss Heesa!” I talked him into going up ahead of me, dang, that was worse than watching from the ground. The lesson here? Next time we go to a newer playground with nice round edges, plastic covered equipment and woodchips. That old park ’bout did me in.

Last night, Eva brought over Memoirs of a Geisha and we ate popcorn, drank wine and enjoyed the movie. We had both just read the book (I know, I’m a bit slow to jump on a bandwagon), and have been looking forward to the film. If you haven’t read the book, it’s wonderful. If you haven’t seen the movie, read the book first, it helps a bit. I will say that the filmmakers did a decent job, that the movie pretty much followed the book (much better than, say, The Count of Monte Cristo. Geesh, what a disappointment that was). And let me just say here, WOW, Ken Watanabe is so handsome! Great evening. Next selection for movie night? Derailed with Jennifer Aniston. Can’t wait.

Thank you to Chirs and Margene for their comments yesterday. I have new resolve to finish the mate to the yellow sock. In case anybody is wondering, it is called Columbine Peaks from this book and is knit from Cascade Fixation. Today I’d like to get to either the LYS or one of the bookstores in town for some birthday shopping. I have to admit though, right now the idea of sitting around with ice on my back (remember I went to the chiropractor yesterday?) is very appealing.

Enjoy whatever your day has in store for you…..remember: it’s all good.



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2 responses to “It’s all good

  1. I sat with ice on my back last night. Hope you feel better soon. Today I heard the secret to happiness is to enjoy what is happening now. It’s true and you had a good day by enjoying all of it.

  2. Nothing wrong with sitting around with ice on your back, maybe with some knitting handy. 🙂

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