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It’s nearly 70 degrees here this morning, (at 9 a.m. and according to my spiffy little digital thermometer) I can’t believe it…..oh wait, that’s because there’s a possibility of snow tonight and tomorrow. And you thought spring was finally reaching us here on the Front Range. Not so, my cyber friends. We get most of our snow in March and April. I’m still waiting for “the big one.”

In the meantime, this is a good opportunity to raise the literary bar, to explore new verbiage, to add to the everyday vernacular, to………

It must be Wednesday. Today’s word is pertinacious an adjective that means 1: adhering resolutely to an opinion or purpose 2: stubbornly unyielding or tenacious. Good word, huh? You can see the similarity between this word and the word tenacious, which means “tending to adhere or cling.” Both of these words come from the Latin word tenex (meaning tenacious) and the Latin verb tenere (meaning, to hold). While tenacious implies persistent, or and adherence to something valued or habitual, pertinacious suggests an “irksome or annoying persistence.”

An example???? While many in the debate over immigration policy are adamant about a guest worker program, there are those who are pertinacious about deportation. OR….Though spring officially arrived last week, winter has been pertinacious here in the Rockies.

Margene has a very colorful PROJECT SPECTRUM update on her blog today. It’s got me thinking about what I will knit during April. It is frightfully obvious that the red cardie will not complete its journey (to borrow Margene’s euphemism), so I’ll need a little something to satisfy the PS guidelines for using yellow and orange during the next month.

Here’s what I’m thinking. A couple years back I did the first of a pair of socks (yeah, serious case of second sock syndrome) and I was thinking this might be the motivation to get the second sock knit up (given that I do have 2 feet).

I also have this……

It has lot’s of orange and yellow (plus blue, and green and purple and watermelon) Perhaps this should become a pair of PROJECT SPECTRUM socks (since it will take me the whole time to get them knit)

Well, I’m off to the business of the day, which will include a trip to the chiropractor and knitting in some form, and I should really enjoy some of the nice weather before winter returns.




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2 responses to “this and that

  1. Good choice for future socks! Get the other sock finished…the white sock is very handsome and your feet will be happy.

  2. Oh, finish that second sock. And I think that Regia will be perfect for PS socks – any month you’re in, you’re covered. Ideal.

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