a little me time…

Those of you who know me and know that I am currently sans employment, are laughing hysterically right now, wondering how in the name of all things woolly I can possibly have any more me time, (stay with me here). As one who lurks around cyberspace on a daily basis (did I mention I’m not currently engaged in money earning activity?) I have notice that many in the greater blogisphere post what is called a meme, or a page of factoids about themselves. These are sometimes structured, following a set format, but the ones I like best are very random. And so, because I have been thinking about this for a few days, and because it’s MY BIRTHDAY here are 100 random things about me.

1. I’m having trouble knowing where to start.
2. I usually have trouble knowing where to start.
3. Once I get started, I’m fairly articulate.
4. I get frustrated when I’m not able to articulate what I wish to say.
5. I enjoy conversations when one person talks and another person listens.
6. I hate being interrupted.
7. It makes me feel small and unimportant.
8. So does tardiness.
9. And call waiting.
10. I love meeting friends for coffee.
11. I need more friends who feel the same way.
12. I love musical theater.
13. I love musical anything, really.
14. I have been known to cry watching a band walk by at Disneyland.
15. I love Disneyland.
16. I have lived in 6 states and 2 countries.
17. I can’t say the Pledge of Allegience without getting choked up.
18. I have been a military wife for 26 years, but have never watched my husband go to war.
19. I am afraid of getting a debilitating illness.
20. I am an adopted child.
21. I’ve never felt an overwhelming urge to find my birthparents.
22. I know I have a sibling somewhere that shares my name.
23. I was an only child.
24. I never doubted for a minute that my dad loved me, but he never told me.
25. He never told my mom either.
26. I tell my kids that I love them all the time.
27. I have two dogs.
28. I tell them I love them too.
29. I love hockey and football.
30. I yell at the TV.
31. I don’t have a best friend.
32. I don’t have a group of lifelong girlfriends.
33. I miss that.
34. I grew up in Washington State.
35. I thought it rained everywhere.
36. I was wrong.
37. I love the ocean.
38. Someday I want to live where I can see the water, and smell the salt.
39. I had my belly button pierced when I was 40.
40. I like to go camping.
41. I like to hike, as long as it’s not too hard a hike.
42. I like thunderstorms.
43. I like blizzards.
44. I want to go back to Italy.
45. I’ve never been to New York, but would like to go.
46. I want to see Boston, Maine, Vermont.
47. I want to see more of the Florida Keys.
48. I love zoos.
49. I don’t have a favorite color, but I do love red.
50. I could never have too many bottles of nail polish.
51. Or books.
52. Or purses.
53. I want to write a book.
54. I don’t know where to start.
55. I would have liked to meet Princess Diana.
56. I think we could have been friends.
57. I keep a lot to myself.
58. I think red wine and dark chocolate are medicinal.
59. I love to take my medicine.
60. I hate making phone calls.
61. I hardly ever get bored.
62. I like being by myself.
63. I like being around other people too.
64. I think I’d like to study art history.
65. Or maybe literature.
66. I like to watch Star Trek Next Generation reruns.
67. I don’t look good with long hair.
68. I wish I did.
69. I like to give generous gifts.
70. I think you get what you pay for.
71. I like traditions.
72. I’m not married to them.
73. I want to raise alpacas.
74. And have chickens.
75. Maybe a sheep or two.
76. I’d like to have a store.
77. I’m lousy at business, and really bad with numbers.
78. I’m a good organizer.
79. I don’t like it when people put me in charge.
80. I feel like my thoughts and opinions are every bit as valid as yours.
81. I don’t like being forced to defend my thoughts or opinions because they aren’t the same as yours.
82. I believe that respect is earned, and it works both ways.
83. I miss my children, but don’t want them to live with me.
84. I am anxious for grandchildren.
85. I wouldn’t want to be a teenager again for anything in the world.
86. My dream job would be singing back-up for James Taylor.
87. Or writing a bestseller.
88. I would rather receive no gift than a gift that is poorly thought out.
89. I love tulips.
90. I don’t sing in the shower.
91. I don’t like telling people it’s my birthday.
92. I want them to remember on their own.
93. I think having low expectations is better than having great expectations and being often disappointed.
94. I think that the older I get, the more accepting I am.
95. I think acceptance is a good thing and is NOT the same as agreement or condoning ones actions.
96. I think that the Christian community (of which I consider myself a member) spends to much time focusing on sexual sin and not enough time focusing on the sins of neglect, anger, cheating, lying and so many others.
97. I know not everyone agrees with me.
98. I’m okay with that.
99. I like being 45 better than 35.
100. I think that’s enough.

Tonight DH and I are going to the Pikes Peak Center to see the Glen Miller Orchestra. I love big band music and so I’m really looking forward to the show.

Tomorrow, another birthday…….guess who?



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8 responses to “a little me time…

  1. I wish you were closer…we could be best friends. We have about 89 things in common!! Great list and fun to read.

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the music tonight!!

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have fun celebrating!

  4. Happy birthday! Have a great evening out.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow and you got tulips!! πŸ™‚ Have a great night with hubby at Glen Miller. I know that you will enjoy it to the enth degree. I don’t think I spelt that right?? Oh well it comes with age…tee hee…I too wouldn’t want to be 35 again!! Love ya! M

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day was great. If you haven’t lived in Idaho, I hope you want to see it too someday-the part where I live is gorgeous!

  7. Happy Birthday! Us Aries grrls kick ASS!

  8. Happy Be-lated birthday to you AND your cute son. πŸ˜‰

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