This morning I did something I’ve been putting off for about 4 years. I went to the dentist.

Now, I don’t mind the dentist, really I don’t. I’ve had enough dental work done in my 40 plus years that it doesn’t spawn fear in me, more a feeling of annoyance. Before we moved to Washington for a season, I was in a fairly good routine, going to the dentist every six months for cleaning and exams. When we moved, I just got out of the habit. This is in part because I hate to make phone calls, particularly to set up appointments. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, manicures, reservations, you name it….I just hate to make the phone call. I make my next haircut appointment before I leave the salon, same with the dentist.

Anyway, this morning I left my routine and visited my former dentist. He seemed glad to see me, gave me very good news and then set me up to see the hygienist this afternoon. Thus, I am in intermission.

Yesterday was windy and snowy. All. Day. Long. The temperature never got above 20 and with the wind blowing at about 20 mph it was wicked cold. The roads were icy and it just was not worth going out. Fine with me, I was comfy in front of the fire with my sleeve in progress, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I even got a little done around the house, lessoning the guilt when the time came to sit and knit. Last night I caught up on the shows recorded by my TiVo (I love TiVo….worth every cent).

Today, is another intermission of sorts; an intermission between storms. (Blogger is being cranky and doesn’t want to import my picture here) We have snow forecast again for tomorrow, but today is glorious; bright blues skies and temperatures in the 30’s. The snow on the roads is evaporating; on my drive to the dentist I drove through slush, ice, damp and dry roads, depending on how the sun is hitting the roadway. By the time I go back in an hour, the roads will more than likely be clear, or nearly so. This is another nice thing about Colorado is that because of the elevation, the sunshine, and the low humidity, snow just doesn’t stay on the roads long. It doesn’t turn to slush and hang around on the side of roads, (as it does in, say Ohio or Washington), it basically sublimes, or evaporates within a few hours of exposure to sun.

So I’m going to enjoy both intermissions, get a couple things done before returning to the dentist, and swing by the store on my way home for a couple things, given the roads might be nasty for the next few days.

Enjoy the intermissions in your day.


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  1. Just had my lunch intermission which means a bit more was knit on a sock. I would be too afraid to not visit the dentist for 4 years. You must be very good about caring for your teeth.

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