At last, the yarn for the new cardigan has arrived (isn’t this a nice pile of possibility??). It came in Friday’s post, and almost immediately I started swatching.

I don’t recall if I shared the details: the sweater is called “Tangerine Smoothie” and it is from the July 2005 issue of Creative Knitting. The pattern recommends using a worsted weight cotton blend, what I have is sport/dk weight……requiring smaller needles and generally throwing the whole gauge thing off by about 20%. So I began swatching with a size 6 needle, worked the first 12 rows of pattern and then started the next repeat on size 5’s and liked the look of the fabric much better. The body of the sweater is worked all in one piece to the armpits, a whopping 225 stitches on the needle, and so I needed to make a trip to the LYS (which isn’t as local as I would really like, but I digress), so Saturday morning I cast on a sleeve and started to knit. I HATE knitting sleeves, so this is my plan: (forced upon me by the fact I didn’t have a long enough circular needle to start the body). I figure if I work on the sleeve for a while, then work on the body, then the sleeve and so on, maybe the sleeves will be done about the same time as the rest of the sweater—what do you think? (Yeah, I know, the poor sleeve will languish on the needles till the body is finished, but, hey, it’s worth a shot).

Saturday afternoon, hubby and I made our way to Old Colorado City and the yarn store. I was really good (had to be, ya know) and left the store with only the needle and the Magic Loop book that I didn’t buy last week because I knew I had one at home. We had a nice “lunner” (too late for lunch, not quite time for dinner) at a bakery/deli in town, ran a few errands and once home I cast on the body of the sweater. Since the pattern is over 9 stitches, I put jump rings every 9 stitches, which made casting on pretty easy, since I only had to keep track of how many sets of 9 I had, and now, knitting is pretty easy too, since I know where to change pattern stitches. Last night, while watching the Oscars I managed to make some progress.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Since I’m not all that fast of a knitter, this sweater, on size 5 needles is going to take me a while; That even though I did the math about 5 times, I am worried that I’ll run out of yarn; That I’m really glad I went with the red, which even though it’s called “cherry” it looks more watermelon to me, and I love that color.

By the end of the week I will be in the great Pacific Northwest, and joining like-minded knitters for a weekend at Camp Knitaway. Last year was my first time to camp, and I won the scholarship to camp for this year. Now that I am not within easy commuting distance to the camp, well, let’s just say, the scholarship was really, really nice, (too bad they didn’t throw in airfare). Between now and Wednesday evening when I get on the plane, I have to figure out what I’m taking along. Saturday evening is show and tell, I have to think about what to bring, given I have to haul it 1100 miles….obviously I’m not taking everything I knit last year. I also need to wind my pink alpaca/silk into balls, make sure I have everything I need for the workshop and get together my exchange gift. I also need to write down what I want to do/see/buy while I’m there.

But right now, I think I’ll knit a bit….I still have time.


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