Some people are so clever….

So…I’m doing my morning thing, got my coffee and my computer and I’m checking in with all my cyberfriends when I run across something called Project Spectrum on Margene’s blog. Hmmm, thinks I, I wonder what that is. So I followed the link and came across Lolly, who has shared a great idea. How ’bout if we all bring a little color into our lives, a different color each month through August and share what we’re working on with the larger crafting community online. Fun???

Here’s where it got my attention: Several days ago (you may recall) I ordered yarn for my next sweater in bright cherry red and last Friday, I picked up yarn for camp in a soft, blush pink. Guess what the colors for March are……anybody???? Red and Pink. What are the odds?

The other thing is that this is NOT limited to knitters, all ya’ll (that’s Texan for everyone of you) can participate : beaders, quilters, seamstresses, needlepointers, scrapbookers, photograhers, rubber stampers….anybody. Please check out Lolly’s link above and join the hundreds of participants. As an added bonus, she’s doing a postcard swap. Check it out.

I wonder if Al Gore knew when he invented the internet that it would become a forum to meet like minded folks from all over the world….there are blogs about knitting and crafting of all sorts, new podcasts springing up everyday and what is amazing to me is that—at least in my case—there is a huge community of people sharing their passion for their craft with others who share that passion. I see the same names mentioned all over the web, like we’re all a big group of friends. These are people that I may never see face to face, but we share a common interest, and that creates a relationship of sorts. On the days when I don’t leave my house and my phone doesn’t ring, I don’t feel isolated…..there is a neighborhood of knitters waiting for me online.

On the home front, my sweater yarn has not come yet, giving me time to finish the socks; I should be grafting the toe in a little bit. I got some good knitting done yesterday while waiting at the lab, and catching up with my favorite shows saved on Tivo (another remarkable thing). I’m hoping the box ‘o yarn will be in today’s mail, if not I may knit a felted apple or two…….

……they’re red you know 🙂



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2 responses to “Some people are so clever….

  1. You must be on the same wave length as 300+ bloggers who joined Project Spectrum. Of course, red and pink are two of my most favorite colors and I’m so glad they are the March colors.

  2. So glad you joined! Margene is like a PR machine for me 😉 hehe

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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