Here it is…my gold medal. Hopefully some of you have collected yours as well.

Yesterday was glorious here in the Springs, I sat outside (covered in sunscreen) until I actually got too warm. There was a light breeze, and warm sun on my back and knitting going on…..life was good. My thermometer reached 75.8, the official high was 74. I even opened the windows and let the breeze blow through the house. All in all a good day.

And now for New Word Wednesday. today’s word is cupidity a noun which means
1: inordinate desire for wealth: avarice, greed 2: strong desire: lust

There has been a lot of talk in the blogs and on podcasts lately on the subject of stash (for any of you who don’t understand this term, in the case of knitters it is used to describe the collection of yarn that one has amassed over time). Stash is a strange thing, a new knitter might only buy yarn for a specific project, knit it up and then buy yarn for the next project and so on. But it doesn’t take long before cupidity sets in. It happens like this: The knitter is working away on, let’s say a sock, and there at the checkout counter in the grocery store is a new knitting magazine, on the cover of which is a really cute summer sweater. The knitter thinks, I’ll be finished with this in a week or so I’ll do this sweater next. Armed with the pattern, the knitter goes off to the yarn shop to choose yarn for the sweater, while she is there she picks up another ball or two or of sock yarn, and maybe something for a scarf for a Christmas gift. Then she sees a sample sweater in the shop, and decides she just has knit it up as well so there’s more yarn (and pattern and needles….you get the idea). Some have argued that this isn’t really stash, since each ball or skein has a designated project, I’m not so sure. I have gone on yarn store fields trips, and picked something up at each store I visited. I had fallen in love with a very colorful jacket that required 14 different colors of a paticular yarn. On one such field trip I decided I would start collecting the yarn for this jacket, a hank at a time, each from a different store. After I had collected about 5 hanks of this yarn, I decided that the pattern it was intended for would require too much altering, which would foul up the colorwork and the yarn has been languishing in a bin ever since. Stash happens. Most knitters (or crafters of any kind, really) are at some point driven by cupidity…a strong desire to posses more and more yarn (or paper, or fabric, or stamps….).

What inspires cupidity in you?


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