So, it looks like we have on more really nice day, before the temps drop a little. Perhaps I can get the dogs to the park today.

Yesterday was fantastic, as forecast the temp was around 70. My friend Eva talked me into a trip to the zoo (I love the zoo) with herself and Stephan, who is two. There’s just nothing like the zoo with a two year old….everything was exciting! Yesterday was particularly good, the hippo’s were out and about;

the lion cubs—who are getting rather big now at 5 months old—were playing chase and tackle;

we have a brand spankin’ new gorilla baby (cute);

and the generally reclusive wolves were close enough to see. We could here them howling all over the park…very cool.

We ended the day with one of my favorite things, feeding the giraffes.

It’s fair to say, not much happened in the way of knitting yesterday. In the evening I worked on the one needle sock while I listened to some new knitting podcasts; the sock for son number one is in a place where I need to pay attention, making it hard to actively listen to something and get the gusset stitches right. Later this morning I will knit on it until it is to a place where it is again mindless round-and-round. At that point it is simple endurance till the toe. It would be ever so nice to get the #$%^&* thing finished before the yarn for my new cardie arrives, or I’m hip deep in my camp project. I’m too easily sidetracked and I don’t want to be working on these same socks this time next year, ya know.

best get to it….I have a feeling I’ll be getting another box ‘o temptation today.


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  1. Thank you for the compliment on my Rosarie. And welcome to the world of blogging. I used to call myself the ugly duckling (as I felt an outsider) and knitters have made me feel like a Swan.

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