That’s the sound of me screaming in frustration. Why???? Because I had all but finished writing for the day when either blogger had a hiccup, or my ISP decided to take a break and when I went to save my post, the whole thing went kerflewy (technical term). I can assure you, a few other technical terms flew through my mind, but since they were mostly rated R, I will leave them to your vivid imagination.

Happy Monday!

I realize that I do not have a loyal readership of hundreds, but if you’ve somehow stumbled across my blog, welcome, and I hope you had a lovely weekend. For any of you who joined in the Olympic pursuit, I hope you finished well and will be claiming your gold medal. I will be collecting mine as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Winter is having a bit of an identity crisis here in Colorado. Yesterday the temperature reached 60 or so and today is promising to be near 70. We took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday to enjoy a little hike, followed by playtime at the dog park. (Don’t let the clouds fool you…it was lovely and warm).

Last Friday, I made the trek across town to Old Colorado City for yarn and beads. Armed with my list of needed supplies for camp, I parked and enjoyed a lovely walk through town (actually, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen the bead shop, so it took a bit of wandering—come to find out it was almost directly across the street from where I’d parked, a small fact that would really have ticked me off if it hadn’t been such a nice day). Now, these supply lists are interesting, but very vague. One must shop with next to no idea of what one will be making with said supplies….no picture, no pattern, nothing except a word or two, in this case “beaded sampler scarf.” Okay, we’re knitting a scarf and incorporating beads, but what might it look like? Last year we learned how to do mitered squares, using all kinds of color and texture, but if I had known what we were doing while I was shopping, I would have made much different yarn choices and would have enjoyed the process more.

This is what I came home with, 3 hanks of blissfully soft Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk in a beautiful blush pink. There are also three little vials of irridescent beads that blend nicely and some pearl cotton. Now, in the back of my mind I was thinking that I would make this a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, but once in the store, my good intentions were ignored, while I fondled the colors that I like…..not at all what she would like. Damn. Another thing that happened was that once I lovingly carried it around the shop, it just had to be purchased, and, well, it was probably not the most economical choice I could have made. Damn. Yarn shops really should have a warning posted at the door, something like “CAUTION!!! Good judgment is impaired as you cross the threshold….Enter at your own risk.”

While I was in the shop, a gal came in for help with her sock in progress. She happened to be using the Magic Loop method of sock manufacture, using one long circular needle rather than two like I use or a set of double points. Now I had heard of this before and have always wanted to give it a go, but frankly, just couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept. I inserted myself into the conversation (rude, I know, but hey, it was a yarn shop, and my good judgment was already impaired), and as I watched, the light came on (bing) and it made sense. I added a 40″circular needle to my basket, made my purchase and raced home to dig up my copy of The Magic Loop, which I knew I had……..I didn’t have one. Damn. So, I thought, I’m clever, I can figure this out. Nope, not that clever. At this point I did what anybody would do. I poured myself an adult beverage and went to the internet, source of all information, where low and behold, I found the basic instructions here. I happily cast on the sock, (KnitPicks Simple Stripes in “storm” I think) and felt much better (due in part to the adult beverage, no doubt). When I sat down on Saturday, I was really feeling pretty full of myself and very pleased with my little sock, when I remembered a certain other sock, one that is suppose to be a birthday gift in a few short weeks. Damn.

Anybody want to guess what I’ll be knitting on today?


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