a little homesick….just a little

It’s time once again for Favorite Foto Friday.

Once again I’m bringing you a picture taken on the Olympic Peninsula in the great state of Washington. This is the view from the trail down to the beach….actually one of many trails to many beaches along the highway. From this photo, you can see a few things typical of Washington beaches: For starters, even though it was August, it was not in any way warm. See the folks in jackets and sweatshirts??? (okay, maybe not). This, gentle reader, IS beachwear in this part of the world. Yes, what you see is a misty rain. A bit later in the day it really, truly rained and I was soaked to the skin (having left my parka in the car due to a sunbreak). Notice the dense, lush foliage….that’s the byproduct of all the rain. The forest reaches to the sea on the peninsula, and actually, we were very near the Olympic Rainforest…..yup, Washington has rainforests.

The other reason I included this particular photo today is that it was on this trip that I started this sweater.

Here are the particulars: The pattern is from Rebecca #106, and is #18. The yarn is GGH Goa in color “I can’t find the ball band.”

I first saw this sweater on a display at Weaving Works in Seattle and loved the cables, particularly the way they flow so nicely into the neckline. The vertical lines are made by knitting into the stitch below. It was a really fun knit, not hard and the yarn is pretty bulky so it goes quick in size 10 and 11 needles.

Here is a close-up of the cable pattern:

And so….nearly a year after the knitting was finished, the sweater is ready to wear. It took me well over an hour to weave in all the ends, reiterating that it is much easier to do the weaving a bit at a time as you go.

The other thing I realized as I was sewing this up is that I don’t think I want another vanilla sweater. I think the cardigan will have to be cherry red. Ordered the yarn last night….tada.

Now for one last picture…..I swiped this from Annie Modesit’s blog, and I thought it was worth sharing (forgive me Annie). Aren’t they sweet???

It’s obviously lambing season, and I’m wondering what “flavor” the little farm I used to pass got this year. It looks like this farm has a plethora of black lambs…but just look at the sweet face on that white babe. Mom (?)even looks content for the time being.

Here’s hoping for a warm and fuzzy weekend.


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