My latest discoveries….

Several weeks ago while reading Claudia’s Blog, I learned about knitting podcasts. My first visit to this medium was to KnitCast, an interview like forum in which Marie Irshad, the host, talks with others in the knitting world. When I checked in with KnitCast this week, I was pointed toward another podcast that I just have to share. Cast-on is a podcast with a friendly feel and a magazine-like presentation. My first listen was completely entertaining, a good mix of knitterly talk and even music. Each edition is about 50 minutes, a good slice of time, but not too long. I’m planning to download all the past editions and subscribe through itunes.

The other absolutely fantastic discovery I made, was LibriVox. While listening to Cast-on, the host mentioned a forum in which books that are in the public domain are being recorded in audio format, and can be downloaded for FREE. I went right over to check it out, and while the selections are limited right now, there are more on the way. They are mostly classics such as those by Jane Austin, and Herman Melville, great pieces of literature. I can’t wait to add them to my collection of audiobooks.

Last night after a yummy fondu dinner, I managed to get the sleeve done on the little sweater. Today’s goal is the right front, followed by the second sleeve. By the weekend I should be sewing up and working on the button bands and collar, well ahead of schedule. I’ll have to think about an add on project to work up while cheering on our Olympic Athletes.

And now for New Word Wednesday. Today’s word is gritty, an adjective that means 1. containing or resembling grit, 2. courageously persistant, 3. having strong qualities of tough uncompromising realism. I am going to focus on number two and use the following example: I was watching the coverage of the Olympic Games (how can you not??) on Monday evening and pairs figure skating was the featured event. Competition was fierce and with just a few couples left to compete, the last of the Chinese teams took to the ice. About 20 seconds into their program, the couple attempted a quadruple throw, and we watched in horror as the young woman crashed to the ice on her knees. She bravely got up, and it was apparent in seconds that she was hurt, possibly badly. The music stopped, her partner assisted her to the sidelines where for some reason she decided she wanted to continue. With tears in her eyes she gingerly began skating, putting weight on the injured knee and trying a few tentative jumps. What happened next is nothing short of amazing, not only did she finish the program, she did so flawlessly, and was awarded a silver medal. The young woman turned in a beautiful, and gritty performance, for which she was rewared. Amazing.

Today is a perfect knitting day, it’s windy and cold outside with snow in the forcast. The fire is going and I’m tucked into my comfy chair, ready to work some magic while I cheer on the men’s hockey team as they play their first game……..should be a gritty match.



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