Gimmick Number Two

Should I do it? Go ahead. You’re sure it won’t be too corny? Nah, folks like this kind of thing…gives ’em something to look forward to. I want this to be fun, not dumb. Come on, come on the suspense is killing me……..

Ahem…..Welcome to Favorite Foto Friday, the time of the week when I get to share some of my favorite pics with whoever….is….still….here. Okay. Right. Let’s do it then.

This picture was taken while camping on the Olympic Peninsula in the great state of Washington in 2004. What? It’s just a bunch of rocks you say? Let’s look a little closer. Notice how the stones are smooth and glossy…..they don’t come that way folks. No, over years, decades, centuries perhaps, the surf pounds against the shore, wearing away the imperfections and leaving behind a beautiful sheen. This speaks to me of earned beauty, the way that the stresses of life create in us a grace and lovliness that we “don’t come with,” the perfecting of our nature, so to speak. Notice the variety? It reminds me of the great variety in the world, not all of us are the same, some are smaller than others, some still have rough edges, some blend in and others stand out. Notice the one in the middle? This is exactly as I found it, one peachy rock on a beach full of black and grey. It reminds me that I am unique, and the big picture just wouldn’t be the same without me (or you, or that odd person living next to you).

I love this picture….it reminds me of the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, the smell of salty sea and the scream of sea birds dipping and soaring overhead. I adore Colorado, but I miss the beach.

I am ready to cast on the Rosebud Cardie, but for some reason it seems important to me not to cheat, and according to the rules set forth by our dear harlot, I must wait until 2 p.m. here in my time zone. Until then, I’m planning to recheck my gauge, which seems rather silly, really. Every knitter knows how important it is to check their gauge before beginning a project, usually through experience, after spending countless hours on a project that doesn’t fit anyone we know. But how important is gauge to a baby garment? If it’s tad large, the little darling will grow into it; if it’s a wee bit small, then it will be perfect for a newborn. The truth is, the sweater will fit the child at some point, removing the imperitive that the knitter get the exact specified gauge as set forth by the designer.

Here is my plan: I’m going to start with the needles recommended on the yarn’s ball band (which in this case is US 5-6) and adjust the size until I get a fabric that pleases me. As for needles, I am planning to use my favorite, Lantern Moon. These are, hands down, the most luxurious needle I have ever used. They feel warm and silkie in your hands, and have just the right point and finish so that they slip through each stitch like a warm knife through butter, yet they have just enough drag so that your stitches don’t slide off your needle while you’re not looking. AND if that’s not enough, they are handmade by women in South East Asia, who support their families by crafting these wonderful needles. Truly, a product that you can feel good about using and purchasing. I heard through the grapevine that Lanter Moon will be introducing a line of circular needles in the coming months……yum.

And so, it is with much anticipation, that today I cast on, along with (now) 4000 other knitters across the globe. And, lest we forget the 2400 Olympians poised to go for the gold, good luck to all, from every nation. May a spirit of peace and joy reign over the city of Torino.

Let the games begin!


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