What is this????

Posted by PicasaI’m so glad you asked! This, my dear friends, is a project of Olympic proportions. That’s right, this lovely basket full of Rowan Wool Cotton is awaiting the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, when it will begin it’s journey to becoming a sweet little Debbie Bliss baby cardie.

I actually bought this yarn last summer. At that time I was having difficulty with my hands and thought maybe it would be a good idea to begin knitting for my future grandbabies while I still could. Well, as you can see, other projects cut in line, causing this gorgeous yarn to languish in the stash. However, it’s time has come and the purpose for which it was purchased is about to be realized.

I have to say, this causes me a bit of concern, for several reasons. First, I hate deadlines. As with the really, truly Olympic Games, I have just 16 days to complete the sweater. Second, this is my first attempt at intarsia and Debbie Bliss and I get a bit woozy just reading the instructions. Although it all seems straight forward enough, I am imagining all sorts of mishaps. I am a firm believer that the amount of difficulty one has with a pattern is directly proportional to the amount of money spent on said project, which in this case is an absurd amount given it’s for a tiny person. (I’m sure there are lots of people out there who have yarn in their stash that they are afraid to knit because of the cost….I know you’re out there. What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s really ugly once I’m done? What if the recipient hates it, gives it away, throws it in the mud, loses it——AGHHHH the stress of it all! It’s okay, I know you’re laughing with me and not laughing at me) Third, well third, is the fact that there are now about 3000 other knitters “competing” and even though I don’t consider myself to be a competitive person, the thought of all that excellence out there is just plain intimidating.

But, as is also true with the Olympic Games, anything worth doing is worth doing well and no one ever succeeds without trying. Besides, this is the closest I’ll ever get to participating in the Olympics, might as well go for it.

In other news, I finished the 12 inch square to take to camp yesterday while listening to “Tuesday’s with Morrie” from Audible.com. You should all know that Audible is a wonderful thing, you can download books, magazines, podcasts or just about whatever your literary heart desires, and then play it on your computer, put it on your mp3 device or even burn it to cd to listen to in your car. This is multi-tasking at it’s best, especially if you love to read and love to knit (or paint, or garden, or sew, or….you get the idea). I know some clever knitters who can read and knit at the same time, but I’m just not that coordinated.

And now I’m off to face the day. Tomorrow……the games begin!


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