100 things about me

Those of you who know me and know that I am currently sans employment, are laughing hysterically right now, wondering how in the name of all things woolly I can possibly have any more me time, (stay with me here). As one who lurks around cyberspace on a daily basis (did I mention I’m not currently engaged in money earning activity?) I have notice that many in the greater blogisphere post what is called a meme, or a page of factoids about themselves. These are sometimes structured, following a set format, but the ones I like best are very random. And so, because I have been thinking about this for a few days, and because it’s MY BIRTHDAY here are 100 random things about me.

1. I’m having trouble knowing where to start.
2. I usually have trouble knowing where to start.
3. Once I get started, I’m fairly articulate.
4. I get frustrated when I’m not able to articulate what I wish to say.
5. I enjoy conversations when one person talks and another person listens.
6. I hate being interrupted.
7. It makes me feel small and unimportant.
8. So does tardiness.
9. And call waiting.
10. I love meeting friends for coffee.
11. I need more friends who feel the same way.
12. I love musical theater.
13. I love musical anything, really.
14. I have been known to cry watching a band walk by at Disneyland.
15. I love Disneyland.
16. I have lived in 6 states and 2 countries.
17. I can’t say the Pledge of Allegience without getting choked up.
18. I have been a military wife for 26 years, but have never watched my husband go to war.
19. I am afraid of getting a debilitating illness.
20. I am an adopted child.
21. I’ve never felt an overwhelming urge to find my birthparents.
22. I know I have a sibling somewhere that shares my name.
23. I was an only child.
24. I never doubted for a minute that my dad loved me, but he never told me.
25. He never told my mom either.
26. I tell my kids that I love them all the time.
27. I have two dogs.
28. I tell them I love them too.
29. I love hockey and football.
30. I yell at the TV.
31. I don’t have a best friend.
32. I don’t have a group of lifelong girlfriends.
33. I miss that.
34. I grew up in Washington State.
35. I thought it rained everywhere.
36. I was wrong.
37. I love the ocean.
38. Someday I want to live where I can see the water, and smell the salt.
39. I had my belly button pierced when I was 40.
40. I like to go camping.
41. I like to hike, as long as it’s not too hard a hike.
42. I like thunderstorms.
43. I like blizzards.
44. I want to go back to Italy.
45. I’ve never been to New York, but would like to go.
46. I want to see Boston, Maine, Vermont.
47. I want to see more of the Florida Keys.
48. I love zoos.
49. I don’t have a favorite color, but I do love red.
50. I could never have too many bottles of nail polish.
51. Or books.
52. Or purses.
53. I want to write a book.
54. I don’t know where to start.
55. I would have liked to meet Princess Diana.
56. I think we could have been friends.
57. I keep a lot to myself.
58. I think red wine and dark chocolate are medicinal.
59. I love to take my medicine.
60. I hate making phone calls.
61. I hardly ever get bored.
62. I like being by myself.
63. I like being around other people too.
64. I think I’d like to study art history.
65. Or maybe literature.
66. I like to watch Star Trek Next Generation reruns.
67. I don’t look good with long hair.
68. I wish I did.
69. I like to give generous gifts.
70. I think you get what you pay for.
71. I like traditions.
72. I’m not married to them.
73. I want to raise alpacas.
74. And have chickens.
75. Maybe a sheep or two.
76. I’d like to have a store.
77. I’m lousy at business, and really bad with numbers.
78. I’m a good organizer.
79. I don’t like it when people put me in charge.
80. I feel like my thoughts and opinions are every bit as valid as yours.
81. I don’t like being forced to defend my thoughts or opinions because they aren’t the same as yours.
82. I believe that respect is earned, and it works both ways.
83. I miss my children, but don’t want them to live with me.
84. I am anxious for grandchildren.
85. I wouldn’t want to be a teenager again for anything in the world.
86. My dream job would be singing back-up for James Taylor.
87. Or writing a bestseller.
88. I would rather receive no gift than a gift that is poorly thought out.
89. I love tulips.
90. I don’t sing in the shower.
91. I don’t like telling people it’s my birthday.
92. I want them to remember on their own.
93. I think having low expectations is better than having great expectations and being often disappointed.
94. I think that the older I get, the more accepting I am.
95. I think acceptance is a good thing and is NOT the same as agreement or condoning ones actions.
96. I think that the Christian community (of which I consider myself a member) spends to much time focusing on sexual sin and not enough time focusing on the sins of neglect, anger, cheating, lying and so many others.
97. I know not everyone agrees with me.
98. I’m okay with that.
99. I like being 45 better than 35.
100. I think that’s enough.


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